Parka Please

I’m getting ready to head out to San Francisco this weekend to visit a few very much missed friends.  I can’t wait to spend time with them and do all the cheesy touristy stuff!  It will be refreshing to get out-of-town for a few days.

The bay weather should be cool and windy as usual, which makes me wish I had this parka right now to fend against the chilly weather.  I’ve been pretty obsessed with it for the past few weeks and maybe someone very sweet (named Nick) will buy it for me.  It’s so versatile and the perfect combination of military-chic.  I love it!  Until then, I’ll just keep drooling…




6 thoughts on “Parka Please

    1. loveandthread Post author

      StyleStalker. And they’re selling fast! I need to get my hands on one and quick! 🙂

      1. cea green

        ah yes, i should have guessed. stylestalker has this hold on me where i obsess for days, weeks even for one of their items, and then eventually give in and splurge. with my luck the item i purchase at full price usually goes on sale a week late. c’est la vie…

      2. loveandthread Post author

        So, I caved and bought the parka. Except, I’m really short, (5 feet, to be exact) and it is enormous and looks ridiculous on me 😦 Sadly, I will have to return it for someone else to enjoy.

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