Miette in San Francisco

I was in San Francisco this past weekend and had the opportunity to visit the most charming bakery ever.  Miette oozes of Parisian charm and not to mention their lavish array of international chocolates and baked goods.  I felt transported momentarily to the streets of Paris as my eyes feasted on the beautiful interiors and colorful display.  Now feast yours:

7 thoughts on “Miette in San Francisco

  1. April's best sister

    The store appears to have a very “romantic” feel with all of the colors and designs on the walls. Very charming with style! I bet it smelled fabulous too?!! I’m jerous (in Chinese accent) I wasn’t there to share this moment with you ;D

  2. Tooba

    Woww! This place looks soo nice.. Love the feel of it and i bet the foods were delish!

    I know you really wont have time to, but it would mean so much to me if you checked out my blog.
    tooba786.blogspot.com – a girls guide to health beauty and fashion xx

    1. loveandthread Post author

      It really is the cutest bakery I’ve ever been too. There needs to be one in every city! 🙂


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