Earth Day

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  If you’re not already mean and green, it’s never too late to start.  Even small changes can make a big difference in improving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are some ways you can be more green:

  • Recycle!  I have several of these cute bins to help me sort my recyclables.  They’re super cute and make recycling more enjoyable.
  • Use glass instead of plastic.  Not only do glass bottles and containers last longer than plastic containers, but they also don’t contain the toxic chemicals that plastic does.
  • Use major appliances like washers/dryers and dishwashers during non-peak hours.
  • Go paperless.  Convert all your paper bills and statements to e-statements.  I find that paying and managing all of my accounts online is much easier and convenient.
  • Buy local.  Do some research and find out where your local farmer’s markets are.  Support your local economy and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases created from products that are flown or shipped in.
  • Change your light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs.

These are just a few examples of how you can make small changes in your life to be more green.  There are so many other ways you can contribute!  Check out this website or do your own research!

Speaking of green, this green dress from Topshop would be a lovely addition to my closet.

Green Topshop Dress


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